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Replacing value list selection into a value code...

Question asked by DirkVanThienen on May 11, 2012
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Replacing value list selection into a value code...


hello, i have to following questions

Is it possible when the user is entering data to make a value list with full description of a possible field entry item like "dummy" or "manhole" but the actually record is entered with a code like "DUMM" or "MANH" ? I would like to do so because the my eventual export of the database in a CSV file should contain the codes. I don't want to use the actual codes for the end-user but rather a description, because mistakes could be made.

Maybe a possible practice would be using two column's for each field (description and code) and whenever the description is changed the code is also changed. Next on export only the code fields are used.
Unless it is possible to replace the description by code on export to CSV (table lookup ?) ...

thx !