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Replacing Values in a Portal

Question asked by Jmcl07 on Aug 21, 2012
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Replacing Values in a Portal


Hi All,

I have a Few Questions.

Just wondering if it was possible to get filemaker to replace values in fields in a Portal. I am a scorer for horse events and in a Cross Country Phase of an ODE we are given the faults at each fence. At the moment, in access, we just type the rider number in a field, then the fence number and then the faults above a portal containing a detailed overview of the jumps for each competitor, please see the screenshot to see the concept. Is there a script that i can assign to the enter button to do this for me. Note that I have two tables, one for the class and one related table for the competitors information. The layout is based on the class table and the portal shows the information from the competitors table, including the jumps. Note also that the Jump fields are named CCF1, CCF2 etc. up to CCF35.

Also is there a way for the system to recognise that a character represents a value. At the moment X represents a refusal eg X for a Refusal(20 Penalties), XX for 2 refusals (60 Penalties) and E for the third refusal which incures elimination. That is for the refusals at one jump, I also want it to recognise refusals at different jumps. This is because the first refusal at any jump is 20 penalties, the second & third is 40. The 4th refusal at different jumps is elimination. For clarification you are eliminated for 3 refusals at one jump but are allowed 4 refusals at different jumps overall, before elimination. Is there a function that I can use that will take this into account.

Finally, I need a button and script to default the jumps to 0 penalties to make entry easier. But only up to the last jump which I will set in a field eg 24 is the last jump. At the moment I have set 35 jumps but I want to be able to set the final jump. This is so the script only clears the jump up to the final and I also want to have a printout that show all of the jumps up to the final, I dont want it to display any jumps that arent used at that time. Eg if I set 24 as the last jump, I only want the first 24 jumps to be cleared by the script and put on the printout. Is this Achieveable?

Thanks, I have done a lot of googleing and still can seem to find an answer to these questions!