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Replica Database

Question asked by kingsley47 on Sep 14, 2011
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Replica Database


I created a set of databases that are all related to eachother about a year ago now. At the time I was fairly new with FMP and there are quite a few bugs in what I made. Now that I've been working with the program for a while, I feel that I can fix alot of these bugs. However, I'm not 100% on all of my fixes and I may need to mess around with some stuff until I make it work how I wanted it to. I'm afraid of messing with the databases i have already made because I have already accidentally blanked out a single field in 100s of records by foolishly changing it to a calculation ( I know that theres a warning....) Is there a way to basically duplicate what I have now and keep all of the database connections intact in the duplicate? That way I can try my new solutions in the copy network without risking messing up what I already have.