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    Replica Database



      Replica Database


      I created a set of databases that are all related to eachother about a year ago now. At the time I was fairly new with FMP and there are quite a few bugs in what I made. Now that I've been working with the program for a while, I feel that I can fix alot of these bugs. However, I'm not 100% on all of my fixes and I may need to mess around with some stuff until I make it work how I wanted it to. I'm afraid of messing with the databases i have already made because I have already accidentally blanked out a single field in 100s of records by foolishly changing it to a calculation ( I know that theres a warning....) Is there a way to basically duplicate what I have now and keep all of the database connections intact in the duplicate? That way I can try my new solutions in the copy network without risking messing up what I already have.

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          Create a new folder on your computer. Duplicate all your files and put the copies in this folder. Change names, if necessary to return the names of the copies to their originals.

          This back up set should work identically to the originals as long as you didn't do anything extra fancy such as putting some files in one folder and some in another.

          You may also want to read this thread on a trick to help you revert your files more easily should you make and then regret a significant change to your file(s):  Saving Sequential Back Ups During Development

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            Thanks for the link to the thread.


            How can I do this if all the connections I made were made remotely? I have all the files hosted through Filemaker server so all the connections had to be remote since that is how all the files are opened.


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              Open Manage | external data sources and look at the external data source references. Chances are very good that they are all in this format:


              If so, you have relative path references and these will continue to work in the copies as long as the filenames haven't changed and they are all in the same folder.

              If you have grouped your files in different folders on the server, you may need to also replicate these folders as well as their files. This could be done simply by closing all the database files and then dragging the folders that contain them across the network to a new location on a different drive or by copy and pasting them into a different folder on the server.

              Note: you should already have numerous scheduled back ups generated by the server and you can just use those back up copies to restore any files that are accidentally changed.

              And another note: You really shouldn't make structural changes (add/remove fields/tables/relationships...) to a hosted database that is also in use by others. Such changes can lock users out of entire tables while the change is submitted back to the server and scripts that modify records in such a table may fail to correctly update records. If you experience a network glitch during such an update you could corrupt yoru database file.

              It's much safer to make your design changes to copies of your file and then import data as needed into your newly modified copies once you have tested your copies and confirmed that everything is working correctly. If you use a Convert to Seperation Model in your design, many such updates do not require any data importing.