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    Replicate FM menu and status bar items



      Replicate FM menu and status bar items


      Since IWP does not recognize Custom Menus, is it possible to replicate selected menu and status bar items within FM? Rather than building all navigation and processing scripts from scratch for a complete UI, it would be nice to be able to shortcut the task with a "copy-and-paste" type approach -- especially for more involved operations like SORT.

      Thank you for any insight.


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          I do this with regular FMP and don't see why it wouldn't work with IWP...


          Set up a "button bar" across the top of your layout with all the "tool bar" functions you want. Once you have it set the way you like, in layout mode, copy and paste the entire group of buttons to each additional layout where you want the same functionality. Simple, after the first layout, and gives you a consistent interface across your layouts.

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            Thanks, Phil.

            Pardon my denseness, but how do you get the tool bar functions onto a layout in the first place? That's the part that eludes me.


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              There are corresponding script steps or scripts for each that you can assign to each button. You only have to do this once with each such button as you can copy and paste from layout to layout. Given the amoung of work involved, I usually select just those functions most needed for my particular database.

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                   Can those script steps be accessed somehow and copied/modified? Or are you talking about needing to create the scripts from scratch the first time? (That's what I was hoping to avoid, but I'm guessing not.)
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                  Some Examples


                  "book control": Two buttons, one with Go to Record [Previous] and one with Go to Record [Next]

                  Show All Records: One button = Show All Records

                  New Record = New Record/Request

                  Delete Record = Delete Record

                  Find = Enter Find Mode[]

                  Perform Find = Perform Find[]

                  Sort = Sort


                  Note that each of these are single step scripts. You can assign them to the buttons on your first layout and when you copy/paste them, the pasted buttons on the second layout will also retain their button settings. If you want to design a "custom" action to the button, you can create more elaborate scripts and your buttons can still be copied/pasted as long as you stay within a given file.


                  The one option above that won't work in IWP, is the Sort button. You can't pop up a dialog, but you can use it to trigger pre-set sorts.

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                    In fact, SORT is the one I am wrestling with, and which raised my question initially. I had hoped to be able to "borrow" from FM's built-in SORT function somehow in order to create a nested (hierarchical?) SORT. But I guess that is just a limitation of IWP due to its nature.


                    I suppose it is possible to let the user pre-define a limited number of combinations of sort parameters, order, and direction. Each combination then would trigger its own appropriate script, or branch in a complex script. The result would be to run the appropriate pre-set SORT that matches what the user wants.


                    Thanks again, Phil.