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    Replicating Custom database template



      Replicating Custom database template


      I want to take all the fields from one database as well as the design and transfer them to another different database that will contain different information with the same parameters.  Basically I have on database tracking my top clients, imported from excel.  I want to recreate the exact same database, only with my bottom clients.  So the fields will be the same with different information from seperate excel worksheet.  Thanks in advance.

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          Pull down the File Menu and select Save a Copy to save a copy of your database. Choose the Clone option to save a copy with no data present in the copy.

          Open the copy and import the data from your excel file.

          Note: New users often try to set up and use separate database file or separate tables to keep groups of records separate when they could actually import all the data into a single table or a single file and database search and sort techniques to work with the two groups separately, but now they also have the option to work with the data to produce a combined report from both sets of records.

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            Oh, duh that was an answer I probably could have figured out for myself.  Thank you very much.

            The problem with doing it that way is I only want certain perameters that are existent in the current database.  I understand that I could try and simply hide and then reveal some fields but I think I will keep seperate to simplify. Thanks again