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           Looking to create a report based off a list of checkboxes.  When I create a report,  if the checkbox is checked it includes the text from the assoicated one item value list and if it isnt checked its blank.  Is there some way to include information to wether the box is check or not besides it apearing or disappearing?

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               Or is there a reccommendation on how to create a checklist via a different outlet that is simlar to a checkbox that basicly states wether the item is completed or not based off if it is checked or not that will work better in a report format?

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                 I suggest describing what you want in more detail. Off hand I can think of quite a few different approaches. Which is best will depend on information about what you need to accomplish that hasn't yet been posted.

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                   What I'm trying to do is have a database associated piece of equipment. What I'm trying to do is have the database contain a set of checkboxes which is actaully a checklist which need to be preformed during construction.  So people can go into this database and complete the checkboxes to determine if all the items have been completed.  At the end of the job I need to complete a report which identifies the completed checklist


                   I'm not sure the best way to make this happen. Attached is what I have completed thus far.  Hope this clears it up a little.

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                       Sorry, but that's really not enough to go on.

                       Your screen shot shows a possible layout for data entry. It does not tell me what kind of report you need to produce. The information and format of the report can make a big difference here.

                       Your checkboxes might be all checkboxes in a single field. They could be single value checkboxes in different fields of the same record. They might be single value checkboxes in the same field, but in different records of a related table.

                       All might look and function the same on the above screen shot, but what you can do with the data entered for analysis and reporting purposes can be quite different depending on the approach used.

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                         Looking to create a report based off the equipment ID.  Then under each equipment ID there are different heading (ie Instalation Mechanical, Installation Electrical etc.)  Under each heading had a group of checkboxes (checklist) which correspond to items.  If the report could just duplicate a checbox with/without X with corresponding value would be great.

                         Thus far I have created One main Table and other tables for each heading.  Under each table I created a text field with the name of the field.  I set each one of these fields as a checkbox set with a value of just one item.  Not sure if this is good bad or indifferent.


                         I also did it without all the different tables.  I did one main Table and created multiple checkbox fields with many value contained under each heading.

                         Im confused. Sorry I cant Explain this very well.  Here is how I have It set up as of right now.  Thanks for your insight.

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                      /files/60b8725cbc/Untitled2.png 960x641
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                        /files/21d506adb3/Untitled4.jpg 1280x720
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                                      If the report could just duplicate a checbox with/without X with corresponding value would be great.

                                 If you take the same field that is formatted with checkboxes for data entry on the data entry on the data entry layout and place it as a simple edit box on your report layout, the values selected will be listed as a vertical list, each selected value separated by a return. For printing/previewing/PDF purposes, such a field can be set to slide up and resize the enclosing part to remove unused blank space on your layout..

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                                   I figured this is just a setting, I have it on one layout, but cant get it to dupilcate on a different layout for some reason.  It shows as an edit box on the new layout.  See screen shot.

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                                /files/7bf69f1580/10.jpg 1280x720
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                                       The first screen shot is in table view, the second in list view. Note the different "view as" selections in the tool bar at top left. In table view, all rows are the same height. To see the multiple selections, you'd need to go into Layout Setup | Views, to get to a poperties section for table view where you can specify a custom row height in order to see all the values in this field. List view would seem a better option.

                                       A calculation field can also take the values and turn them in to a horizontal list:

                                       Subsitute ( CheckboxField ; ¶ ; ", ' )

                                       Will turn out a horizontal list of selected values separated by commas.

                                       And see this thread for a way to store the selected values in a consistent order: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/ea0c68b960?commentId=241139#241139

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                                         I think I like the look of cretaing a new report and  then select the report option and go from there.  I think that will work for me.  Is there anyway to have a physical checkbox there with the text like in the table view above, but in this report view/layout?

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