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      I have a database with a little over 6000 records, I need to know the count of each city.


      Example   City One   -  210

                      City Two  -   129



      What would be the best way to do this?


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          Simplest method is a report layout.

          Change the body part to a sub-summary part, in options, sorted by your City field.

          Place the city field in the sub summary part layout

          Create a new field called Count_city.  It should be a field type of summary, and the parameters will be Count of your city field, with the summarize repetitions set to Individually.  Place that field in the sub summary part.  If you want a total of all cities, also place that part in the footer on the layout.

          Then, sort by your city field

          If you see nothing, usually its because you didn't sort by the field you picked in your sub-summary part

          edit:  Also meant to add, on your layout, for this report you only need a sub-summary part, header and footer are optional-no body part

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            That worked like a charm......



            Thank you so much!!!!!!