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Report - Sliding Issue - Just How do you do it !

Question asked by alanfair on Sep 15, 2012
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Report - Sliding Issue - Just How do you do it !


     Ok am am still fairly new to Filemaker so I may well be missing a trick, hence this post 

     Having discovered its virtually impossible to produce a report in a grid format bit like excel, where the fields have boarders, but allowing for the fact that fields on the same line, can vary in height depending on data within them, so the grid needs to be the height as the largest field on the row, - Well that be can be sort of for horizontial lines, but as for the vertical lines adjusting their height !!!

     So I redesigned the report to work around this. As you can see below (first Image). The first field , 1.1 is set to slide upwards,  I need all the other fields to move up on block, maintaining their size and relationship to each other.  I have set them to slide up.

     As you can see from the second image, they don't move mass.

     So does anyone know how i do this.  OR do i accept that sliding in the report is a waste of time and all the fields have to be a fixed size. 

     Many thanks in adbviance for any pointers.