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    REPORT - using tables with Portals and fields



      REPORT - using tables with Portals and fields


           I want to make a document that looks like a document using information from fields and portals.

           The fields I can do but portal information is a list that can be long. I don't know how to apply Portal information that way.. Can you help

           I'm working with two tables

           TableA = Field inforamtion that I can apply perty easy.

           TableB = Portal information (list of chemicals used in the process)  

           Relationships are Category , OEM name


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               Base your report on TableB, not TableA. Make it a list view type report and you can include data from TableA in the header, footer or grand summary parts.

               The invoices starter solutions found in Filemaker 11 and 12 use this method to print invoices where TableA is the Invoice table and TableB is the line items (Fmp 11) or Invoicedata (FMP 12 ) table.

               The trick is to use either Go To Related Records or a scripted find to pull up the correct set of records in tableB for the current TableA record.