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report / summary total of time and datefields

Question asked by Frans on Nov 24, 2009
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report / summary total of time and datefields


Hallo, I'am new to filemaker. I'am making a database for a handicapt person who need nusing and help 24 hours a day.

I managed oke untill this problem, I hope you can help!

I make month views (worksheets) with fields month_begin(date field), month_current(calculation), day1 - day31 (calculation fields), time_start(time field and repetition 31), time_end(time and repetition 31), workhours(calculation and repetition 31)


I have no problems making a layout with the worksheets from one user. But... I need to view (I think it is a report) a worksheet from a specific month with a total of the beginning- and endtimes and a total of the workhours from each day and all users!


Its important for me tot create this month overview because I need to see if every day is completely scheduled. Everyday must scheduled with 24 hours, if not I can take action. 


Hope you can help!