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    Report as PDF file is created as "scanned image"



      Report as PDF file is created as "scanned image"


           FileMaker Pro 12V3 Advanced on Win7.


           We have a report layout with a graphic logo in the header.  When printed to a PD file using Adobe PDF or PDF Creator virtual printers EVERY page with the header on it is created as a scanned image.  For our purposes that is unusable.

           Is this a "feature" of FileMaker layouts with graphic content or is it something that is configurable?

           Thank you for your time.



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               Don't really know as I haven't tried using those options for producing a PDF.

               Why not use the "Save as PDF" feature from the file menu for this?

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                 That is a good suggestion. I have not done much with this in he past.  Having tried it in this circumstance it works -  well it does for the for the DB Admin account.  Unfortunately the Save/Send Records as has no available options for the users who initially raised the proble.  According to FileMaker help the users need the Print privilege assigned to them to generate PDFs.  I checked their Privilege Set config and this privilege was assigned.


                 I really do not want to give them All Access so any suggestions?

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                   I am MacOS and FMP 11/12 adv.  I have never seen this problem printing from a List View.  Printing to a PDF creator is not different from printing to most real printers. 

                   Do you get the same multiple headers when printing with ink?

                   If not, I the problem is with the PDF creator set up conditions.


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                     Hello Jim.

                     The header is part of the layout we se when generating the reports. A report run can produce reports for dozens of clients in a single PDF file.  The layout of each of those reports includes the header on the first page.  In answer to your question: yes the printd output also has the multiple headers.

                     We generate the reports in a PDF file because it has proven to be the fastest way.



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                       Printing can be an Art and is very difficult to help without pictures.  I will list some thoughts that perhaps can help, however Windows and MacOS handle printing a bit different.

                       1) PDF's is just another output driver that has become popular for its flexibility.  It is really pre-printing to a file at machine speeds[very fast] and does not use USB or LAN speeds [slow] to drive a remote printer.

                       2)FMP provides a PREVIEW mode to view [multi-page] the printed output prior to printing to a PDF or whatever.

                       3) A HEADER is printed when you excede the Page Setup page size in printing and NOT in List View on your Layout.

                       4) A HEADER is printed for each record in Form View.

                       5) A PRINTER will issue a Page Break [start new Header] with the pre-set margins unless the option of "print thru break" is set.

                       Last trick is not design your print report with a header.  Remember header info can be "pre-done" as a graphic object and used as a background.

                       I don't believe the PDF is the problem, but it is your layout set up.  Test with ink or FMP Preview mode.



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                         The post by PhilModJunk has given me the best clues: that is use the inbuilt send to PDF functionality built into FileMaker.  I have fine tuned the privilege set for the users involved and they can now use this functionality for selected record using the layout.

                         Jim, your description of how the header functions is correct.  We use the header because the report is stuctured as a business letter, although I have now changed the report stucture a little by moving the material in the header to the next element in the report and deleting the header element.  (Some of our reports had grwon to be multiple pages.)

                         I find it interesting that the inbuilt PDF utility in FIleMaker can handle the graphic elements in what was the header and generate a sensible, searchable PDF file, but printing the same layout to a PDF virtual printer from FileMaker produced the "scanned image" page format for any page with that same material on it.

                         Nevertheless problem solved and thank you for your thoughts.