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Report based on portal

Question asked by LeszekŁuczkanin on Feb 28, 2014
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Report based on portal


     Please, help!

     I have a table with "persons" (600) and the second one with "places" (80).

     I have a link table with "move" (900). It is very simple with fields:

     PrimaryKey     ::Person        ::Place          Move date     Info

     Every person can be in only one place at the moment but there can be a few persons in one place.


     On the "person" layout I have a portal with all places this person been moved to and the second portal with the place in which this person is at the moment. In this second portal I have a field "Move"Date" and two borrowed from the "Places" table (Country and City).

     I need a report based on the present location of the persons grouped by "Country" (from "Places" table) and sorted by city and I don't know how to make it.