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Report based on records that match todays date...

Question asked by heath on Oct 18, 2012
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Report based on records that match todays date...


     Hello -

     I have a database that keeps track of field experiments. As samples come in they are assigned a unique number and entered into the database. Samples are then tested a later dates and the results are again entered into the database for each experiment. I have a self-related portal that I use to display the experiments that are due based on a match to the current days date. Works great! However, I need to print this data in a report or form that would allow the technician to see only today’s tests that are due. Is there a simple way, say in reports, to accomplish this?  I tried to setup a report, but I don't understand how to tell it I only want the records that are due on today’s date. I have a field called C_Date that is the calculated date that the experiment is due on. I need to tell the report to display only records that match that date. Can anyone please give me a suggestion as to how to achieve this.

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