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Report based on related tables

Question asked by Annette on Jun 17, 2015
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Report based on related tables


Hi all,

I've hit an issue that I can't wrap my head around resolving.

I have two related tables:

Referrals::ReferralID = Services::fkReferralID

For a referral, there are multiple service records which collect information such as the Service Type and Start Date.

What I'm trying to do is run a list report which shows me all referrals that have service records meeting specific criteria.  So basically if the referral has a Service Type called MDT with a start date entered AND also has a Service type called SMO without a start date entered. 

I had tried creating two calculation fields on the referral table using case statements, for example:

Case(Services::Service="SMO" and IsEmpty (StartDate); 1 ; Services::Service="SMO" and not IsEmpty (StartDate) ; 2 ; 0)

The other one the same except referencing the service type MDT.  My logic was then to find where each of these fields had the appropriate number.  But, the problem I was having with this was that it only considers the first service record created for the referral, not all.

Am I missing something really obvious for considering all records related to a table?  Apologies if this is a really stupid question. frown

Thanks in advance for the help.