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Report Calculation on Summary Field

Question asked by themactech. on Dec 3, 2014
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Report Calculation on Summary Field


ok. I stink at at Reports.. LOL. 

Not entirely true but it is an area where I need more experience. In the attached screen shot I'm creating an efficiency report based on the number of tasks completed per day divided by a specific rate.

In the report, I have a script trigger searching for all completed tasks and then I have a summary field that Counts the number of found records (s_TasksCompleted). In the report you see I'm sorting by Name, Date, Assembly and the Sequence (the task).. it breaks it down by date and sequence and calculates the number of tasks complete for each sequence.

Now I want to take each totaled tasks complete for that sequence and divide by the rate shown to get the efficiency %

but right now it's taking the overall total of records found (24) and running the efficiency calculation.

how can I get it to just calculate the number of records on each line.. ?

Thanks for the advice.