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report categorized by a calculated field

Question asked by RebeccaBiggs on Nov 10, 2014
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report categorized by a calculated field


I am using filemaker pro 13.

I have created a database to organize person data and groups our company works with.

Group table has a primary key.  Person table has a foreign key for the group. Relationship is groupID to GroupIDfk  with records created and deleted in the group table.

I set up checkboxes with the groups in the person table. Which works great so I can just click on the groups that the person is associated with.  Generating a report by group works ok but it list all the groups in the heading.  I would rather have them split out by group.

The goal is to generate a report to categorize by the person and the groups associated with the person would list underneath the person and then vise versa if need be.  I am open to all suggestions at this point.  Thanks in advance.