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Report coming out differnt after Upgrading FileMaker Pro

Question asked by GraceBillings on Mar 27, 2013
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Report coming out differnt after Upgrading FileMaker Pro


     Hi.  I have been creating a report for many years calculating the Unearned Income for our company every month.  If you look at the file called Old Way you will see what the report used to look like.  Under column C the number was just a regular positive number, which was the amount I was looking for and it was like this from the top all the way down.  The file called New Way put's the number in as a negative, which if it did this all the way through I know I could simply subtract this amount from column B to get the same number that I am looking for even though it is one extra step, but if what is strange is that not only does this occur in the New Way but some of the numbers are positive which is completely confusing to me.  Can someone please help me understand why this is happening and how to get the Unearned Income numbers with this upgraded FileMaker Pro?  Thank you very much in advance.