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    Report Criteria



      Report Criteria


      Hi, it's Mike again!

      I have 49 teachers.  I enter data records for the teachers.  I want to print only the records for 1 teacher.  In "Access" I set it up in a query and specify [enter name] in the criteria box.  How do I do this with FM Pro 11?

      Thanks for the help, again.



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          1. Enter find mode
          2. Enter criteria directly in the field
          3. Perform the find


          This can also be scripted to use data entered  or selected via value list in a global field.

          Enter Find Mode[]
          Set Field [YourTable::YourFIeld ; YourTable::GlobalField]
          Set Error capture [on]
          Perform Find[]

          YourTable::GlobalField must be set up with global storage or this script will not work.

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            I understand that when you change a field to "global" you loose all the data in that field?  Also, how do you get the second part of the

            Set Field [YourTable::YourFIeld ; YourTable::GlobalField] in the scripting formula?

            I feel like I'm so close but yet still so far.  My database is complete except for this part.



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              You don't change the field, you add a new one with the global storage option and only used for the purpose of your user entering the search criteria.

              To add the second parameter of Set Field (the expression to the right of the ;) Click the second, lower specify button to bring up the specify calculation dialog.