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Question asked by jcondon on Jun 16, 2015
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Report Drill Down recommendations






I am looking for some feedback on a database we are setting up.

The database is an equipment tracking database tracking about 25 pieces of equipment.  We have a table for equipment, transactions, and other required information.  Data entry is performed on a List view where at piece of equipment has its own entry with 5 portal fields.  The user selects a date that populates the transaction dates in each of the 5 portals.  The user can then select a job and status.  

Each piece of equipment will have a an transaction for each day of the week.

I wa trying to have essentially a drill down screen, where the each month has a button.  If all of the entries were complete, the button would be green.  If not, the button would be red.  When the user hit a red button, they would be taken to a listing by week, where each week would be a button and a similar red/green conditional format would be used.  If a week were selected, the user would be taken to the data entry screen.

I am trying to figure out the test for the conditional formatting.  I have a calculated field to determine if a record is complete.  I just need to check for each piece of equipment on each day in the date range (excluding weekends) there is a completed flag.  If all dates and equipment have a completed flag, the button is green.  If not, the button is red.

I have a tendency to overthink my databases and was wondering if anyone had any simple ideas.  I was thinking of a filter based on the date range.  If all pieces of equipment had a flag for each day, I would set a flag to 1.  Any range with a 1 would be green, 0 would be red.