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    Report Expiry Date of items in 2 months



      Report Expiry Date of items in 2 months


      Hello, I am very new to FM, so please be easy with me!  :)

      I have found a similar post, however I cannot get my script to work and I cannot find another solution on the web or in the FM Help section. LaRetta on the 2 May suggested this for the solution, however I cannot get it to work. 

      Go to Layout [ list layout based upon Memberships ]
      Enter Find Mode [ uncheck pause ]
      Set Field [ ExpirationDate ; "< " & Get ( CurrentDate ) + 30 ] ... this is Phil's suggestion
      Set Error Capture [ On ] ... this suppresses the FM message if no records are found and allows you to handle it yourself
      Perform Find [ ]

      Currently I have some fields that have certificate completion dates (e.g. First Aid).  Another field has a calculated result for 3 years time, (First Aid Expiry), which has the formula

      Date ( Month ( First Aid ) ; Day ( First Aid ) ; Year ( First Aid )+3 )

      I am now trying to run a weekly report (maybe with a button control using a script?) so that staff can find out which people have certificates that are going to expire in 2 months time.  This should then give the person time to find and complete a new course before their certificate expires. 

      I have been trying to use the formula preclinicals::First Aid Expiry < Get ( CurrentDate ) + 60  (as 60 days will be close enough to 2 months), however it is not working as it is not showing any records at all. 

      I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with my formula.  Should I be using a script or just a regular saved find for this type of search?  I want staff to just click a button and it show up the records on a report, sorted by location.

      I look foward to hearing from someone.