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report export?

Question asked by PierceButler on Mar 18, 2010
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report export?


I've got a nice little subsummary report which looks a bit like this:

1st Street

  Jane Jones   101 1st St

  John Doe      103 1st St

2nd Street

  Jack Sixpack  101 2nd St

  Joan Jetson    103 2nd St



My client is very happy with the .pdf of this report, and wants it in XL format.


Of course, FM's export functions don't produce anything resembling the report.


Is there a way to give him what he wants without going through a painful .pdf/OCR process?


FTR: using FM Pro Adv 9.0v1 on a MBP running MacOS 10.5.8; have used FM since version 3.