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    report export?



      report export?


      I've got a nice little subsummary report which looks a bit like this:

      1st Street

        Jane Jones   101 1st St

        John Doe      103 1st St

      2nd Street

        Jack Sixpack  101 2nd St

        Joan Jetson    103 2nd St



      My client is very happy with the .pdf of this report, and wants it in XL format.


      Of course, FM's export functions don't produce anything resembling the report.


      Is there a way to give him what he wants without going through a painful .pdf/OCR process?


      FTR: using FM Pro Adv 9.0v1 on a MBP running MacOS 10.5.8; have used FM since version 3.

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          I'm beginning to think I'm out of luck here.


          Can anyone please steer me to a discussion anywhere of what can be done with exporting reports?


          Thx in adv for all comments & suggestions!

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            Won't your client be happy with:


            1st Street    Jane Jones      101 1st St
            2nd Street    John Doe        103 1st St
            2nd Street    Jack Sixpack    101 2nd St
            2nd Street    Joan Jetson     103 2nd St

            or, if you export from the parent table or use a calculation field:

            1st Street    Jane Jones      101 1st St
                          John Doe        103 1st St
            2nd Street    Jack Sixpack    101 2nd St
                          Joan Jetson     103 2nd St


            The only way I know of to get exactly the same format directly from Filemaker is to export as XML using a XSLT stylesheet to transform the result to Excel 2003 XML format.  Alternatively, perhaps you could use Applescript to post-process the exported file in Excel.

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              Super Contributor - Thanks much!


              You've given me four possibilities to explore, so I can't call the problem solved yet, but I'm sure I'm a lot closer now...

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                Super Contributor - all seems well, client apparently living happily ever after.


                Thx again!