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Report extracting groups (by manager)

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Feb 25, 2013


Report extracting groups (by manager)



     I am currently looking for a way to make a Manager Ranking for my database.  Let me explain my current database:

     Database View:

     Employees to Stats/Call
     Employee ID = Employee ID
     cOmitDates !=Date

     Employees:  This is the parent table that contains all Employee names (including managers), Manager name, Employee ID, Email address, etc.  It also contains extracted calculated fields that get metrics from Stats and Calls.  For instance, total calls, customer surveys, etc.  It then evaluates and gives a grade for each metric and then a final grade.  
     Stats:  This table contains certain stats.  These are customer surveys and call stats.
     Calls:  This contains manager evaluations.  Similar to a 1-10 grade for some calls listened to.

     I want to make a report that ranks all manager's employee's stats.  All manager names are in the Employees Table.  I currently have a report that sorts by manager name and then I have several summary fields that display.(It displays only manager stats with the use of a subsummary object)  I would like something that is more sortable.  The current method can only be sorted by name.  I would also want to sort the managers by their employee's surverys, manager evals, etc.

     More detail:
     A record from the employee table could look something like this:(Some fields not shown to simplify)
     Employee ID:  123456
     Manager Name:  Joe Smith
     Customer Points:     30  //Extracted from Good Surveys: 10 divided by Surveys:  10.  This metric gets 30 points total.
     Manager Points:       40 //Extracted from Good Evals: 10 divided by Evals: 10.  This metric gets 40 total points.
     Calls/Hr Points:        30 //Extracted from Hours divided by calls.  This metric has a fomula to give up to 30 points.
     Final Grade:           100

     Updated Goal:
     So... I would like to have a report that lists the manager name and the summary of their employees:
     Manager, Total Survey, Good Surveys, Customer Points, Total Evals, Good Evals, Eval Points, Hours Worked, Calls Taken, Calls/Hr Points, Final Grade.
     I would also like this report to be sortable by any of the fields.