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Report filtering

Question asked by jringold on Aug 5, 2010
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Report filtering


Hello, I have made great progress with my donors database, and I now I just need to finish up some reports.

Basic info.

Filemaker version: 11

Operating system: XP

Database info.: Donors::DonorID = Donations::DonorID
I have created a summary field in the donations table which totals the donations, and that correctly calculates the total donations for that donor.

My level of experience: Filemaker newbie, competent with SQL and relational databases


What I am trying to accomplish:

I can create a report that shows the total donations for each donor. This report is based on the "donations" table, uses a summary field to calculate the total donations for each donor, and draws the donor name and so forth from the related "donors" table. I'd like to do a few simple things to apply criteria to the report, but I'm such a Filemaker newbie that I'm having a hard time.

1) For instance, I'd like to show only donors who have given a total of (for instance) $1,000 or more. That's the main thing that I'd like to accomplish.

2) It would also be nice show a grand total of donations for this set of records, but when I reference my summary field for a grand total row in the report, it appears to be using the total donations for the last record only (rather than totalling for all records.)

I hope this is clear and thanks for any help!