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Report Filtering

Question asked by PeterDowns on Oct 31, 2011
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Report Filtering



I have a table called ProjectedCosts and a relationship with a duplication table called ProjectedCosts_List. I have a a layout that displays data correctly based between selected dates. (The parent table is ProjectedCosts and the portalTable is ProjectedCosts_List) I have 2 global date fields g_startDate2 and g_FinishDate2 which are selected by individual calendar fields on the layout. A  portal is filtered by these dates and displays the correct data based on a task start date and a task finish date. So that works really well. Here is my filtering script - 

ProjectedCosts_List::Date_Start ≥ ProjectedCosts_List::g_StartDate2 and ProjectedCosts_List::Date_Start ≤ ProjectedCosts_List::g_FinishDate2


What I am having problems with is a report that is printed from this layout. When I set up the report it displays all the records rather than the filtered list. I have tried to set up a script different ways when the print option is selected, but that doesn't work either (see below) - 
Any ideas would be appreciated