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Report filtering (omit duplicates)

Question asked by WiserGuy on Oct 8, 2014
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Report filtering (omit duplicates)



I was helped a few weeks ago to create a portal where I wanted certain fields to be filtered out if there was multiple occurrences of them. PhilModJunk advised how to use a new table occurence to get the most recent record, and a portal filter to omit all but the newest ((

But how to accomplish the same in a report (where there are other filters as well)?. See attached capture of my report where there are four different certificates for a specific rig. Among these, there are two fire certificates on the same serial number. The oldest fire certificate is superseded by the newer, and shouldn't be listed at all. The idea is to enter a date range at the top to get an overview of all certificates up for renewal within the date range. If I use a date range filter from 2010.10.01 - 2017.10.01, only the old certificate will show, making the report useless.

Any ideas how to script a filter for this, or ideas for design restructuring?