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    Report Footer Avg



      Report Footer Avg & Sum


      I'm new to FM12 and not a programmer. I have created a report that I'm trying to create a caclulated field which will give me the average price per square foot for a list of real estate transactions. I have the amount of the sale and the size of each (NRA). 

      Currently the calculation looks like the screen shot below. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.



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          You might want to look up Sum in Filemaker help.

          Sum expects a list of fields in one of three formats:

          Sum ( Field1 ; field2 ; field3 ...)

          Sum ( RepeatingFIeld )  // this sums all the repetitions of a repeating field

          Sum ( RelatedTable::Field ) // this sums Field from all the related records

          What you have is the equivalent of Sum ( 5 ) and the sum of 5 is 5.


          If you want the sum of all the records in your found set, do it this way:

          Define a summaryfield, sTotalSalesPrice as the total of Sales Price.

          Define a summaryfield, sTotalPropertyNRA as the total of Poperty NRA

          Then define your calculation field as sTotalSalesPrice / sTotalPropertyNRA

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            Thanks Phil,


            I played with it for about an hour and came to your exact conclusion. I was not familiar with Summary Fields and now I've learned.