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    Report for costumer within a date range



      Report for costumer within a date range


      Hi Phil, Everyone

      Your help to create a detailed report for every costumer works great now! but seems like i never have enough.....

      After achieving this, i decided to create a button to run a script to get the same report but within a date range entered in two date fields and somehow it works but it displays all the records on that date range but from all cotumers : ( here is my script, i don't know what i am doing wrong....


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          If the Go To Related Records step is pulling up all the records you need, but you just need to reduce that set to those that fall in the specified date range, change the Perform Find[] script step to Constrain Found Set []

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            Thanks Phil, that worked great!

            BTW i wanted to ask you something, not related to this topic but i posted about it and din´t get the answer i was looking for so here it goes....

            I'm almost done with my DB and like i said before i want to use it on Filemaker Go with my iPhone, but I discovered that the interface is not very practical on it since the layouts are big and buttons small, so i have a couple ideas on how to solve this issues, hope you could help me with this or suggesting any other ideas...

            1.- I tought that creating a separate model like a front end back end structure where the back end is the main DB and the front end would be the DB created for the iPhone requierements in terms of size, buttons, etc..  But i don´t really know how to do this and am afraid of getting into something really difficult...

            2.- Second idea came through the doubts on the first which is creating new layers for the iPhone on the same DB and either place a button to take you to the iPhone layouts which would be a little unprofessional or trying to find if there is a way to create a script that detects the device you are using and taking you to the corresponding layout....

            Hope you could help me on this one.

            Thanks in advance for all your help

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              I wish I could afford either an iPhone or iPad--they'd be fun to work with...

              To create a "split" database: Convert to Seperation Model

              There is a get function you can use in a script that runs on start up that checks to see what platform is being used. I think it's Get ( SystemPlatform) -- but could be wrong. You can search the Fm Go forum for threads where this is discussed in more detail than I can provide.