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Report from multiple tables?

Question asked by CBeranek on Mar 25, 2009
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Report from multiple tables?




I have a database for artifacts based on the place that they are from, a site and context field.  Each type of object has its own table.  The tables are all related by the site and context information.  Each site has multiple contexts, and each context can have records in each of 5 different object-based tables, or no records in some tables and some in others.  Each context can have between 0 and an arbitrarily large number of records in any of its tables. 
I’d like to create a report showing data from multiple tables for a list of locations.  Is this actually possible – to create a report proper with grouped and summarized data, not just a layout using portals?  I’ve seen Fenton Jones’ reply to a similar question on March 2 which suggests just using multiple portals and sliding/printing, but I can’t make this work for me, primarily because I have to set the number of portal lines to a higher value than I may ever have records (not impossible, just cumbersome since this can be arbitrarily large). 
I also like the way the report from a single table can look, while the portals always seem to show the boxes around the portals.
So, can I produce a report (with or without sub-summaries) with data from multiple tables any other way than using portals/sliding/printing?  If I have to use the portal option, what should I do about setting the number of portal rows, and is there a way I can get the result to print without showing the boxes around the portals?