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Report from Related records

Question asked by donjuan1498 on Feb 3, 2010
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Report from Related records



 I am some what of a filemaker newbie so bear with me. I am trying to run a report in filemaker in which I can summarize a several related tables. My setup is this

I have an agent table which contains agent contact information that has a relational table called agent numbers which contains agent numbers that are specific to each agent and company (each agent can have many numbers). I also have several different company tables which need to be separated as I am importing invoice from each company and they al have there own unique label for records as well as some of the companies provide more information then others. I do however have about 4 fields in common between all 4 companies although they may be named diffenetly in each table. The basic common information is this. 


company table common fields


Agent Number


Paid Amount

company name

transaction date 


I am able to relate these company tables with agent numbers to the agent and agent number tables. I am looking for a way to summarize the data into one table without having to reimport everything over and or using several different portals as we are growing and adding more and more companies.


Is there a way to create a table which will look at all the company table and bring in the companies data so I can summarize all in one portal row? Or does anyone have any other possible solutions? 


Again I apologize if I am unclear. I am still fairly new.