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    Report from two tables



      Report from two tables


      Dear All,

      I have three tables Person Queries and QueriesHistory. Frist we get a call from a Person then we create his call as a Query any work around that call is done goes to QueryHistory. Some queries dont have any history as soon as we get the query it resolves, does not need any history.

      How can I create a report to have all QueryHistory and the Query with no history for indvidual Person.


      Please let me know if you need more information.


      Your help will be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance


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          Unfortunately, FileMaker does not have the ability to do left outter joins. However in your case you probably could get around it somewhat.


          Base your report layout off of the Query table. YOu can use a portal to show the history. Make the portal as large as you think a possible history can get. You can turn on sliding of the portal, fields, with the option to reduce enclosing part to make sure that the empty rows slide up.



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            Dear mr_vodka,

            Thanks a lot for replty I was not suer if Filemaker pro does left outer join.

            I have the protal one but my boss says if I can do it like a List layout.


            Thanks a lot