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Report from Two Tables

Question asked by NancyatUCM on Feb 25, 2015
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Report from Two Tables


After looking at the other "Report from Multiple Tables" posts, and trying several approaches I'm still confused - I'm afraid I need more step-by-step instructions as a relatively new FileMakerPro user.  I have a "UCM Mailing List" table w/ contact info including names, and a "Gifts" table with gift info including gift date and gift amount.  They are related by a key ID field, and there is a one to many relationship w/ the Gifts table being the many.  What I'd like to end up w/ is a list of donors where names don't repeat for each gift, with a subtotal of each donor's gifts, and a grand total of all the gifts of all the donors at the bottom of the report.  Something like:

John Doe                                     4/5/2011       $200

                                                      6/2/2012      $350

                                                        Subtotal:   $550

Jane Smith                                     5/4/2013   $100

                                                         Subtotal: $100

Bob Brown and Sue Brown            3/2/2010   $25

                                                        4/6/2014  $25

                                                Subtotal:         $50

                                                             Grand Total $700

I'd like the report to be as visually clear and condensed as possible, and be able to sort by Last name, and sort gifts by date under each donor (but maybe that will happen automatically, since they are entered in date order as they give?)  I'd also like to be able to set different date parameters (eg. to get all donors for 2014 and not see their donations from other years).  Thanks for any help - I've already spent a ton of time on this, and I know it can't be that difficult!