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Report Generating

Question asked by sapa88 on Apr 20, 2012
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Report Generating



Im using  the "Product Catalog" starter solution in FM11 at the moment. and i did some modifications according to what i need. i need to do a change in the "report" layout of this starter solution. now according to this starter solution we create new records in "form view" layout and once we click the label called "view product report" at the top right corner it redirects to the "report" and shows all the records we have created so far in a particular format. what i want to change is, when im in the "Form View" layout i can view one by one all the records i have created using the two arrow keys. lets say i have been browsing through all the records and one specific record catches my eye and i want the details in a report of just that record so i click the "view product report" label at the top right corner and it shows me the report details of just that record instead of all the records (which is how its been set at the moment). so how should i change the script according to what i want?. the script working for this feature is called "product report".


Allow User Abort [Off]

Go to Layout ["Report"]

Enter Preview Mode []

Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]

Pause/Resume Script [Indefinetely]

Enter Browse Mode []

Go to Layout [original layout]

Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]

Move/Resize Window [Current Window; Width: 909]