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Report Generation - Querying like access

Question asked by sugarking on Oct 14, 2009
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Report Generation - Querying like access



I am a new user of filemaker who likes the simplicity. However, i am having problems understanding some concepts. I have a program that i created to track sales. I created a table called order that has the following fields (order id, clientid, etc) then i also have a table related called orderline ( that it linked to the main table and this one tracks the items that are being sold ( stockid, quantity, etc ). However, i am having trouble understanding how to create a report :


1) that will allow me to filter or report to me the sales in one month ( i really don't know what tool i need to use --> i know in access you do queries )

2) that will allow me to cross reference the sales vs the amount paid


I would like a guide line, i do sales for a living and i thought of filemaker to help me track the sales.


 I look forward to receiving some help !!!


thanks to you all