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report groupings

Question asked by MacUserDan on Sep 10, 2009
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report groupings


I need a bit of guidance for setting up a "report". My goal is to  produce a report with the following information:


Date Range:            (selected with each run of the report, find will work fine, only one range per report)

donation level         (data should be grouped, sorted by this text name which is assigned from the total of donation transactions a member for the given period  .. 

                                    e.g. Gold might be $1000 - 1999, Platinum might be $2000 & over ...

                                    there may be several donations during the period) 

    member name     (just a lookup from the order information)



Basically, I have the following files / fields within the database:


Orders                - memberID, OrderID, OrderDate

OrderDetail         - OrderID, transactionCode, Amount  -- certain transaction codes make up the "donations"

Membership        - memberID, memberName



I can get the information together but cannot seem to group and sort it correctly. Perhaps I need an additional file / fields?


Thanks for any help.