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Question asked by dg3321 on Mar 9, 2011
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Report Issue


I have a report based on 10 projects.  Each project has its own table and layout.  All 10 projects are related by Month & Year.  Each new record in said layout is for a new month (tracking income and expenses).  I created a report to track income per project by month, making 'Project A' the table from which records are shown.  Records from the other projects are shown via related fields.

So the report worked out perfectly showing income from January and February 2011, however for some reason it will not show income from March.  Note: all projects have received income in March and so there are no blank fields being searched.  For March, it will only show income from 'Project A', but none of the other projects.

Why is this?  How do i fix that?

Note, the field from which the 'income' figure is being pulled from is a calculation field that is totaling items in a portal.