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    report layout



      report layout


      I'm about 1 hour into my Filemaker pro experience and have a question.  When generating a report, how do I set a field label to print for only the first line of a multiple line list of that field's values?  I think this is a simple problem but I'm not sure I'm wording it very simply!  In my report I used the "add label" tick box to put a label in front of the reported values.  I want that label to print only for the first line of values.  Hope this makes sense.. thanks in advance.


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          It depends on what you mean by a "multiple line list".

          That could be a single text field with multiple lines of text. It could be a list of records in a list view layout or a table view. It could be a list of records in a portal. What you have on your layout determines what you would need to do to just print the "first item" in the list.

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            thanks for your reply.. I"m not trying to print only the first item, I want that field label to show for only the first item of the list.  for example:


            Horse's name: Slim

            Shows competed in:

            •  Rocking Horse
            • Fannin Hill
            • Florida Horse Park

            right now Shows competed in is printing for all 3 of the shows rather than just once.  I want it to print only after the Horse name changes... 


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              "only after the horse name changes"?

              IF Rocking Horse, Fannin Hill and Florida Horse Park are all lines of text in the same field of the same record, then you simply need to size the field to only show the first line of text "Rocking Horse". If these are separate records, (and it can look like that even when it isn't), that won't work but other approaches can.

              You may need to describe your database and layout in much more detail if the above infor doesn't work for you.

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                Rocking Horse, Fannin Hil and Florida Horse Park are all separate records/values of the field Horse Shows Competed in.  


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                  please describe your database and layout in much more detail.

                  What does one record in this table represent?

                  Can you post an outline of how you want the data from this report to look?

                  I think we can do this by replacing the body with a sub summary layout part, but need to know more to be sure.