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    Report Layout and Charts


      Report Layout and Charts


      Can someone clear up my confusion for me.  First, I created a report layout with a chart just as I wanted to display for an end user.  Second, I want to create another chart using the same table BUT different calculations and columns.

      So my question is:

      Can I use the same table or do I need to copy the table and create a new table to run the new report layout from?  Do I really need a new table for each report/chart?


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          It would depend on the chart type to be sure, but in moste cases you can put the second chart on the same layout or on a new layout based on the same table occurrence IF the chart is to chart data from the same found set of records. If a different found set of records, then you may need to use either a layout based on a different occurrence of the same table or in a different window.

          Table Occurrences, by the way, are the "boxes" found in Manage | Database | Relationships and you can create multiple occurrences that all refer to the same data source table defined in Manage | Database | Tables.

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            Thanks for the reply PhilModJunk.

            Here's what I am trying to accomplish...I have a spreadsheet that will be imported every month into FM.  I'm trying to display the data in probably five to ten different charts.  It seems like I have to copy the table for each chart because everytime I go and change (sort a different column) from the first table, the second  chart gets all screwed up.  Which leds me to another question.  If I have two or more tables which are the same, what is the easiest way to update all the tables every month?

            Thanks again.

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              Do not, under any circumstances, use duplicate tables just to get different charts of the same data. That way leads to all sorts of unpleasant consequences.

              When you sort your data into a different sort order, this changes your found set of records and this, in turn will affect how data is displayed in a chart object that charts that data.

              But you do not need to create duplicate tables of your data.

              Option 1, select New window from the windows menu or run a script to do the same. Then select the layout for your second chart in this window and when you re-sort the data, the results only affect the new window, the chart in the first window remains unchanged.

              Option 2, Go to Manage | database | Relationships, select the table occurrence box for your table and click the duplicate button (two green plus signs). This creates a new reference to your table, but does not duplicate the actual table. Create your second layout, but choose the new table occurrence in the Show Records From drop down.

              Option 3, when you sort the records, let them mess up the first chart. When you switch back to the layout for the first chart resort them to the order needed for that chart. This can be made automatic with scripts and script triggers.

              Option 4, Some charts can chart data in a related set of records instead of the found set of records. You may be able to set up one or more relationships so that you can have several charts on the same layout--each charting different sets of records sorted in different orders.

              Option 5. You can capture the image of a chart and put it in a container field. Thus you can set up a chart, put it's image in a container field, set up the next chart, put it's image in a different container field and so forth for each chart. The container fields can then all be placed on the same layout so that you can see the charts side by side.