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    Report Layout Issue



      Report Layout Issue


      Hi,  I'm fairly new to FileMaker and I was only so, so with Access years ago.


      I've created a database to keep track of the members of our running club.  We have dues that get paid and track fees that have to get paid etc. Up to this point things have been working pretty good.  Lots of trail and error.


      I'm at a point where I'm trying to run some repots especially on dues as they are currently payable.  Here is what my tables/relationships look like:



      As you can see I have one main table "members" and the other four are related.  The other four exist as they will all have multiple records.


      The report I'm trying to get out is one showing the persons name, date they paid, amount for track, amount for membership, and a total.  The first time I ran this it was great.  Since then we have had a new payment (so there are multiple records in the payment table, same id new date paid).  When I run the report what comes up is the old payment not the newest one.


      My layout has the following fields:


      first_last date_paid amount_track amount_membership total


      In my date_paid field I asked it to find record paid greater than >9/1/2009 which should only get current payments.  The names it shows are correct put the Date Paid field shows the previous payment date.  So how do I go about getting the correct record from the payment table?




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          Your table image isn't visible, so I am driving blind a bit.


          What table are you basing your layout on?


          If you base it on your table used to record payments, you'll be able to find all payments in a given date range. You can then place related fields from your membership table on this same layout to display name, etc data to create a complete report.