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    Report Layout Question



      Report Layout Question


      I have created a report that I'm happy with however there is a minor issue with the formatting. As shown in the screen capture, there is a small space between the footer and the body, that is not showing up between the header and the body. In the layout, they appear to be identical. Not sure how to correct this. Any help would be appreciated.



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          What are those lines? Are they rounded rectangles?

          Could we get a screenshot in layout mode?

          Is there any sliding set up?

          The foter usually starts at the bottom of the page. If you would make your body a little larger, the space would be smaller.

          What is is that you want? For the space to not be there at the bottom? Of for the space at the top to be bigger?


          My guess would be you just need to make your body a few pixels larger.And thus also the rectangle.

          Or eliminate the footer and put the "Recommendation" on the body. That way you have full control.

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            Thanks DaSaint,

            I would like to play with and just be able to control it. I think I like the gap, I just want the header and footer to match. Here is the screen shot in Layout mode:


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              Here is a screen shot of the header

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                Yeah, but like I said. The footer get's put at the bottom of the page. So the gap is created because the body is to small.

                It doesn't go far enough down the page.

                If your body would only be the half of a page the footer would still end up at the bottom of the page. That's the logic of a footer.

                But here's another solution: In stead of using a footer. Use a trailing grand summary.

                That way you don't have to change anything.

                Go to Layouts - Part Setup

                Choose the Footer and click "change" Then select trailing grand summary and click ok.

                See if there is a difference.

                The trailing grand summary should show up directly under the body. It doesn't end up at the bottom of the page.

                This might however be annoying if you have multiple pages and you need the footer.

                But then you need to do like I suggested in my previous post and make the body and the rectangle a little larger.

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                  That did the trick. Trailing Grand Summary is the fix. Thanks a lot.

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