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Report Layout using the "wizard"

Question asked by disabled_rcmiller9 on Jan 16, 2014
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Report Layout using the "wizard"


When you choose to create a new layout and choose the “Report” option, FM opens the “New Layout/Report assistant”.  This “wizard” takes you through the steps necessary to create a report suitable for printing.  My questions about this “wizard” method of creating FM layouts are:

 1.  Do the sorts become part of the layout definition?  That is, will the sorts take place automatically each time I use this layout to produce a report?

2.  If the “wizard” is used to create a layout, can the layout be safely modified using the normal method of editing layouts?  IF the sorts are saved as part of the report definition, can they be modified?

3.  Is there any advantage to using the “wizard” at all?  Or, can all the features that the “wizard” produces be created by simply making a list layout and adding the appropriate layout parts?