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Report not showing correct find date from portal

Question asked by FelixPetillo on Sep 24, 2014
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Report not showing correct find date from portal


Hi All, 

My issue is as follows. I have 2 Databases that are linked by a relationship Contact Management and Work log.

Contact management shows all customer info such as name, address, phone, etc... and work log shows the history of appointments for each customer.

My issue is I'm trying to create a report that i can use for appointments. In a given day i can have 10 appointments a day. So in my portal (work log) i log the appointment into a field called ApptDate. And on the day of my appointment I would like to do a find on the ApptDate field and generate a report with all the appointments for that date. 

I can generate the report with no problem but my issue is that when I look up past dates my report does not necessarily  display the date that I am looking for if there is an newer date in the customers history the report displays the newer date.

So for instance I did a find on the date 11/30/2013 (see below) but i got 1 record that displays the customer info from 8/2/2014 cause its the newest date

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Patricia Bobe Staten IslandNY10312-510911/30/2013Clean Gutters
Francis Demayo Staten IslandNY10312-510911/30/2013Clean Gutters
Louise Meola Staten IslandNY10307-160108/02/2014Replace Back gutters, Screen, and patch chimney
     11/30/2013Clean Gutters
Dan Ramona Staten IslandNY10312-622811/30/2013Clean Gutters


Is there a way around this?