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    Report only fields searched



      Report only fields searched


      I am currently replacing an old dos based db with Filemaker, I believe it was called database pro or professional or something like that, it was made back in the mid 80's. Is there a way to search several fields on a form (a form with many fields) and have FM return the information from ONLY the searched fields in a list view?

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          If you search records rather than fields, Filemaker will display only the records that match.

          Search fields within a record and show only the fields that contain matching info? That, while not impossible, would be very difficult to do. I don't recommend you take that approach unless you find you have no alternative.

          Feel free to describe in more detail what you are trying to accomplish with this. Perhaps someone can suggest an alternative that's easier to implement.

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            Hi Phil,

            Sorry I wasn't very clear before, it's been a long day. Basically in this old db it has a layout of fields that display name, address, city, state, products purchased, price paid, etc.. When you query it by asking, for example, all people named smith (first name and last name) that live in Seattle you do so by entering search mode and putting in things like 1R, 2R, 3R (R = repeat) in the fields you want to search along with Smith and Seattle, it then returns a list report of:

            Bob Smith

            Jim Smith

            John Smith

            Jill Smith

            formatted just like you see it here, it doesn't just go back to the original layout and show 4 records you can page through like FM would. You can then exit the screen and return to the original layout.

            I  hope this is clearer, the user of this db has gotten very used to getting his info in this format and he is actually quite proficient at it, I just want to be able to emulate some of this functionality for him.

            This may be a matter of things like a script (or scripts) that run when Find mode is selected etc., right now I'm just truying to get some ideas in how to display search data other than the original search layout.

            Thanks for all the help lately by the way


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              BTW the name of the old db is "Professional File"

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                What you describe can easily be done in FileMaker, but you can't designate what fields you want to see "on the fly".

                You can create a second layout in list or table view that just displays the name field(s). When you perform your find, you can then switch to this other layout (or possibly just change to table view in your current layout) and you'll just see the list of names. This type of thing is usually scripted in FileMaker.

                What you can't do, is search on address and just see the address field, search on names and just see the names, search on both and see both, etc. Unless you design for each of these different views of the data in advance.

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                  Phil, thank you for the quick reply. I'm sure I can script a way to change to list or table view so he will be somewhat happy (he's been using this system for over 20 years!), time for finesse and guidance on my part. I guess my only other question is can you tell a FM field to give you an average on the fly, like using the <>= etc. symbols in the field during a find?



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                    Check out the operators drop down that appears when you enter find mode. You'll find a number of wild cards you can use such as * and ? as well as the inequality operators you've mentioned. You can also write scripts that perform these searches and they can use these same operators.