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Report Printing Issue, Sliding Field - Page Breaks

Question asked by Snoopy7 on May 22, 2014
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Report Printing Issue, Sliding Field - Page Breaks


     FMP 12.0v4: I try to get several portal data out in a report, but have trouble with PDF as one record is missing completely or cut off at page break.

     What I did so far:
     Created new layout in list form. A script for creating output format (PDF) is copying data from several portals into a helping table PrintReport.
     A drawback is one layout body style for several different portal data, but as workaround it is okay. Nice would be the possibility for several body parts in one layout.

     A script is sorting column Sort of PrintReport before showing preview modus.

     Print layout has: 1. page header, leading sub-summary (col2 for title), data in body, page in footer.

     Sliding-up fields in body (I like to keep this). Report has usually 3-4 pages.

     I deleted page footer, played with print margins, searched in forum for solution. Printing portal showed to be difficult why I am now at a list view layout. Because of sliding fields (= size not constant), counting fields until page break seems not to be a solution. I love FM but this URL summarizes the trouble with printing. Can anyone give advice for solutions?

     Thank you