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      Report Problem


      I work for the local Sheriffs Dept. I created a nice database for the civil dept, it works well and does exactly what they need, my problem is, I have 2 report setup, one is for fines paid and one is for bails paid. When inputting data users put in the dollar amount of the fine/bail that was paid, so if a fine was paid for 100 dollars they would input that, then tab to next area which is bail and input zero or vica versa, if fine is zero then bail would be 100 which is logical, cause you dont pay a fine and baill your pay one or the other. ok so lets move on, that works great and all the other parts do as well, there are 39 different places to input info and they all work well, my problem lies when a report is being run. I have 2 different tabs for users to do a report, the fine tab and the bail tab at the top of the frontend to the db, they work fine also, its takes them right to which ever report they chose and at that point the get to do a find/search. in this area i have 4 areas 1. the amount 2. the date 3. the person who its for first and last name. this works great also, now this is where the problem is, whe i do a search in a date range lets say 07/01/2009...08/01/2009 and click not only does it show me the fines paid with dollar amount but it also shows me the bails with 0.00 dollar amounts, or vica versa depends on if im doing a bail report or fine report, but i get the same thing of either report. I dont want that, I only want it to sho me fines on one report and bails on the other report, I tried to do into conditional formatting and tell it to only draw data from the fine/bail {depending on which report im running} but it still shows all amounts for both bails and fines for that given date range. this is driving me bonkers as I have spend 2 whole weeks on this problem. no matter what I do i cant get it to show either only fines or only bails on the reports, its shows both amounts, either all the fines paid with the bails on the report (which are all zeros cause a bail cant be paid if a fine is) or all the bails paid with the fines on the report ( which are all zeros cause a fine cant be paid if bail was made). what formula or whatever the heck, do i use to only have it show me either only bails or only fines, also i would be willing to call you with my cell, if you know exactly what im talking about and how to fix this snafu, thanks all..Tony

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          There's a lot you don't say about how your table or tables are defined and I suspect that there's some re-design there that could make your life a lot easier.


          Just to focus on the question you asked:


          I assume you have both date and fine or date and bail fields on the layout when start your find to pull up the desired report.


          If you enter your date range in the date field and the expression > 0 in the fine field, you should get all the records in the given date range that have a fine greater than zero.


          Do the same thing but put > 0 in the bail field and you should find what you need for your bail report.

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               I took a normal spread sheet with columned data in it, 39 colums of data, your standard info, you know names addresses, violations, amounts paid either in the bail colums or fine column, i created a blank database and imported that in, like i say everything works fine until i go for that report, when i do a fine report it shows me all the fines with amounts as well as the bails but they are all zeros, or when i do a bail report it shows me all the proper amounts and also shows me fines as well but they are all zeros to, this is ok but i dont want to see anything that has a zero, and i chose the right column to draw the info from, but i feel the problem lies in when i chose the date range, it grabs everything reguardless if its a bail or fine, but i need to be able to tell it omit all fines or omit all bails depending on which report im running...make more sense now?...Tony
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                 Try searching for the date range in the date field and > 0 in the bail (or fine) amount field.
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                   Thank you very much!!! It works, it's not the automatic solution that I wanted but the end result is the same, again thank you very much!!!!
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                  It could be automated, too.


                  BTW, I believe your situation would be simplified by having a single field for the amount and another field for the type (bail or fine).

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                       Thank you, and that might not be a bad idea, I am using FMP 9 currently to do this one, but I have FMPA 10 on my desktop at home, laptop has 9, but I am going on vacation next week, I think when I come back I am going to do a rework of the DB and frontend and use your suggestion, and then just make it a standalone app, but I like the idea you gave that way I can just choose to draw the draw the data down based on a drop menu style report choosing either bail or fine, I think thats what your gettin at, but when I come back and start to work on it I will get with you and talk more if thats ok, and I really do appreciate all your help...Tony
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                      krzyivan wrote:
                      when I come back and start to work on it I will get with you and talk more if thats ok

                      Of course it's OK. Just please have mercy on us, and use an occassional period - or even a new paragraph.

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                           Roger that, sorry, you know how it is when you get on a roll. Thanks again, your assistance was MUCH appreciated...Tony