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    Report question



      Report question


      I am trying to create a report that lists the information from a project record, and needs to list the task records, which were entered via a portal on the main screen.  Following what I learned from thesub-parts tutorial, I created a sub summary when sorted by report#, printed above the body.  I have in this section all of the information from the main report file, and the colum labels for the task record fields.  In the body I just have the task record fields. 

      The report looks OK, except that it only prints the first task record, not all of them.

      I have the task records related to the main report file on the report#, which is an auto-enter serial# field.

      Whare should I look to try to resolve this?  Thanks!

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          Are you in list view or form view? If you are in form view, change to list view.

          Are the records you want in your found set? If not, perform a find to get them. (and sort by the order needed for your sub summary parts.)

          Did you place the fields from your task records in a "body" layout part or a "sub summary" layout part? If in a sub summary part, you need to change the part to make it a "body" part if you want to see individual task records listed under each report sub head.