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    Report Section Size (Height)



      Report Section Size (Height)


      I have a similar report in two databases and I'm trying to make them look identical.

      In one report, for example, the footer height is .667 inches.

      When I call up the second report, I click on the footer button (?), go to the Inspector, under size, and am able to specify .667 in the height specification. However, when I click out of that box, the height revers back to what it was.

      I have tried clicking and then dragging the foot line and that works, but I cannot get it to exactly .667.

      I have the same problem with the body and header sections too.

      How can I get the specifications to stick?

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          Make sure that you have no layout objects present in the layout part that are below the bottom limit of where you want the resized part to be. You may want to draw a selection box around all the objects in the footer, cut them to the clipboard, resize your footer and then paste them back into your footer.

          PS. I usually click on the units in the position tab until I see pixels before specifying layout object sizes--much simpler to work with integers instead of 3 place decimals!