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    Report Sub Total



      Report Sub Total


      Please can anyone help.

      I am trying to create a report for invoicing. I am generating reports and i am getting everything as i want it, the only problem im having is totaling for each sections. 

      I am currenty tryng to do it using a summary that = Total of field (Total) (running with restart, when sorted by Ticket::ContractNumber. The probly is i am only recicving the total of the first value in the sort.

      Please see the pictures to understand what i am trying to achive.


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          I don't quite follow the logic behind a summary of a summary here, nor why you want the running total option for such a sub total.

          What is the calculation for "lineTotal"?

          What is the "sorted by" field for your sub sumary part?

          One observation that I can make is that when you refer to a summary field in a calculation, the field will return the grand total, not a sub total. To get a subtotal from a summary field used in a calculation, use the getSummary function.

          It looks to me like you need a Sort Total field that is a field of type calculation that uses the GetSummary function instead of a summary field.

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            Thanks for the responce


            The Line is a calculation of Quanity * Unit Cost.

            Sub summary is sorted by Contract Number.


            The way the system is designed, the user enters the contract number for the job they are collecting the materials for.

            I then want to invoice once a month, but each invoice must have all tickets under each contract number. This report is working perfect and I am seeing the data I need, the only problem is for each ticket they have a total for that order. I wish to give a grand total for that months tickets under each contract number.



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              If it wasn't for the built in 20% markup of the line item total, you could just put the subTotal field in your sub summary part and it would show the expected sub total. Given that 20% markup, you need to rewrite Total as;

              1.2 * GetSummary ( Subtotal ; Contract Number )

              Then put Total in your sub summary part.