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Question asked by AlejandroAlanis on Jan 26, 2015
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Report Summary & Subsummary Problems



I'm having a little difficulty for some inventory reports for Today, Weekly and Monthly.

My database have an item table (which the articles are enlisted here) and is connected to the ID_Item to ID _Item in the transaction table.

The idea is that when an article is buyed, a person will pass the barcode scanner and then it just put a 1 in units out.

The problem I'm have right now is that in monthly view, I have a dropdown list for every month, So when I hit January for an example, it supposed to make some calculations like a total of items out for every article (I just have one lucky with a summary field of total units_out) but then, when I tried to multiply it with the unit_price, for every month it multiply it for the total and it doesn't separate for every month.

I'm a little lost in this step.

Thank you everyone.