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      Report Summary & Subsummary Problems



      I'm having a little difficulty for some inventory reports for Today, Weekly and Monthly.

      My database have an item table (which the articles are enlisted here) and is connected to the ID_Item to ID _Item in the transaction table.

      The idea is that when an article is buyed, a person will pass the barcode scanner and then it just put a 1 in units out.

      The problem I'm have right now is that in monthly view, I have a dropdown list for every month, So when I hit January for an example, it supposed to make some calculations like a total of items out for every article (I just have one lucky with a summary field of total units_out) but then, when I tried to multiply it with the unit_price, for every month it multiply it for the total and it doesn't separate for every month.

      I'm a little lost in this step.

      Thank you everyone.



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          There are a lot of details missing on how you have defined your fields and designed this layout. As a guess, I think you may be attempting to use a summary field in a calculation field's calculation. When you do that, the summary value returned is a "grand total" over all the records in your current found set. To access a sub total as is shown in the typical sub summary layout part, you can use the getSummary ( SummaryFIeld ; BreakField ) function. Select the same field for your Break Field as you used for the "sorted by" field for your sub summary layout part.

          Two important limitations to getSummary:

          1) The break and summary fields must both be defined in the same table as that selected for your layout.

          2) The found set of records musg include the break field in the current sort order.

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            Hi Phil,

            Thank you for your help again.

            For sorting I use 2 field cMonth = Date - Day ( Date ) + 1, and my ID or Barcode could be too.

            I don't know if it will be a problem that I have the price on ItemTable and UnitsOut on TransactionsTable

            I'm going to test the getSummary option you gave me.

            I will post what happend.

            Thanks again,

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              It worked but now because I have the UnitPrice in the other table, I can't take out the total $$$ per month.

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                Hi again,

                it's almost complete, I just need the Total per month. I use the transaction table to make this report

                transactions::sum_UnitsOut | type=summary; Total of: transactions::Units Out

                inventory::sum_Unit Price | type=summary; Total of inventory::Unit Price

                transactions::cal_UnitsOut | type=calculation; GetSummary(sum_UnitsOut;ITEM ID MATCH FIELD)

                transactions::inv_Unit Price | type=calculation; inventory::sum_Unit Price

                transactions::prod_Unit Price | type=calculation; cal_UnitsOut * inv_Unit Price

                transactions::sum_inv_Unit Price | type=summary; Total of transactions::prod_Unit Price

                If you see, the total should be $3,644.52, any help?

                Thank you everyone!