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    Report That Gives Users Variables



      Report That Gives Users Variables


      I want to create a report that:


      a) filters a table based on a variable and then

      b) gives the user the option to choose from the query the specific items to include in the report.  

      Specifically I'll have a table of clauses that will have a field that categorizes those clauses as "A" "B" or "C".   

      If I choose "A" clauses I want it to filter and give me the option to choose which of those to include in the report.  Any advise on how to achieve this would be very much appreciated.  Much thanks.







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          a) a script can use the value in a variable to perform a find.

          b) this can be done with a small modal window or a popover with global fields in it where the user enters/selects the desired criteria.

          But I'd combine a and b in the same process by first asking the user to select a category and then the "filter" action can be handled as part of script's specified find criteria. See this thread for examples of scripted finds:

          Scripted Find Examples