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    report totals



      report totals


           I tried to figure this out for hoursbut no solution - please help!


           I have a "cust" database table with fields:

           "Custnum" contains cust id

           "sex" text contains "male" or "female" or blank

           "age" text contains 4 groups of age brackets one of "-25" or "26-50" or "51+" (from a value list) or blank

           "Total sales" numeric contains custs tot sales to date etc

           (FYI - the range etc may change in the future - I would modify the value list & update the existing data in the cust table & hopefully not need to change report layout on each change)

           I want one report to show:


           Sex                  Count    %                 Spent   %


           Male                   40   40%                $480      48%

           Female              60   60%                $520      52%


           Age                    Count    %                 Spent   %


           -25                     10   10%                $300      30%

           26-50                20   20%                $400      40%

           50+                    70   70%                $300      30%


           Totals                   Count                  Spent 
                                          100                     $1000


           Thanks in advance

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               You might want to read this link: Please Help Us to Help You...

               If you wnated just one or the other, just a break down by gender or a break down by age group, a simple summary report with the proper sub summary layout part and a summary field can produce what you want.

               Putting both on the same page, however, totals the same set of records in two different ways. That would require a different approach, such as a pair of portals in versions FMP 11 or older or with large, multi-row calculation fields using ExecuteSQL in FileMaker 12.

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                 Sorry PhilModJunk

                 Filemaker Pro 11 on XP Pro Sgl User Relative Newbie


                 Looks like I'll export & import data into access - its easy there with a union query on a summary query.



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                   A Pair of portals can make this work for you in FileMaker, one for the first pair of gender based totals and one for the second set of age group based totals.

                   But a key question is whether or not you need to specify other criteria in addition to the gender and age groups--such as specifying a particular date range.